Elevating program benefits for advocates and sales

January 7, 2023

What They Needed

A Fortune 1000 company looked to redefine its Customer Advocacy Program charter and evolve from a transactional program serving limited teams to one that impacts more business areas, including sales

What We Did

Evolve the program to become a fully integrated Customer Advocacy Program taking a more integrated approach to customer engagement to support varied needs across sales, marketing, PR, campaigns, events, awards, and more


In under two years, the Big Sky team:

  • Grew base of current and active customer advocates from 60 to over 260
  • Supported over 350 sales reference requests in 20 months with a 95% fulfillment rate
  • Redefined content types and approach to take a customer-first, business-value approach
  • Developed over 200 customer stories, including case studies, slides, quotes, and blogs
  • Took a leadership role in creating and managing company’s annual customer awards program
  • Helped mentor internal team of advocacy managers, which grew from 1 to 5 FTEs

Drop us a note at info@bigskypr.com if you’d like to learn more about these programs or other ways that Big Sky can partner with you to grow your program’s success.

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