Program Strategy

Program Strategy

Whether you’re building your program from scratch or expanding an existing program, we can help. Before a story is written, a video is produced, or a sales reference is provided, we can help you build a program that meets the unique demands of your business, from effectively engaging your stakeholders and highlighting program impacts to your executives, to growing your pool of strong references.

Infrastructure Consulting

Infrastructure Consulting

To build a successful program you need a solid foundation. We know how to evaluate and integrate customer advocacy technology that can make your program more efficient and effective.

Marketing, PR, AR, and social media support

Marketing, PR, AR, and Social Media Support

Your internal stakeholders are hungry for customer references. Working with these teams, you can extend the reach of your program and demonstrate the influence customers have in your market.

Company and industry events

Company and Industry Events

Events offer an excellent platform for your customers to tell their stories. We coordinate customer, partner, and executive participation at key company and industry events so your prospects can hear firsthand why they should work with your company.

Sales reference support

Sales Reference Support

If your account reps want to close deals, they don’t just need customer references, they need the right customer references. We work with clients to cultivate sales references that influence revenue.

Storytelling and content development

Storytelling and Content Development

It’s not about bits and bytes, it’s about how your solutions are making a real business impact for your customers. From videos and case studies to blogs, infographics, and more, we focus on what makes each customer story compelling and how customers gauge success.

Measuring success

Program Success Measurement

We know it’s critically important to communicate your program’s impact, both qualitatively and quantitatively. But what information really matters? We work with you to identify what your stakeholders care about so they understand the true value your program delivers.

Internal and external communications

Internal and External Communications

As professional communicators, we can help you get the word out. Whether you’re pitching your program to customers or highlighting recent wins through varied communications channels we can help you decide what to say and how to say it to capture the attention of your audiences.

Creative services

Creative Services

Part of knowing what to communicate is knowing how to visually present information in the most impactful and meaningful ways. Our team of visual communicators can help you get your message across so it has both style and substance.

Customer Advisory Boards

A Customer Advisory Board (CAB) provides an additional avenue for you to engage with your customers and bring them closer to your company. We help with all aspects of CAB meetings, including managing customer participation, securing executive involvement, and handling logistics so your customers have a great experience and you gain valuable insights.

Executive Sponsorship Programs

Executive Sponsorship Programs

We work with customers at all levels and know how critical it is for you to cultivate a pool of C-level advocates. Often the higher the level of customer spokesperson, the more valuable they can be to your company. Our team will help you engage a broader array of customer advocates, including coordinating programs with your own executives to drive loyalty and encourage advocacy with select customers.

Hands-on support

Hands-on Support

We are an extension of your team. That means we work side by side with your team, continually evolving with your program. It also means we can step in to help with short-term projects, or take on open-ended, ongoing engagements.

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