Customer advocacy is foundational to everything we do.

We build world-class customer advocacy programs. Our experienced customer reference managers can help you build an advocacy program from the ground up, or we can jump into an existing program to elevate your recruiting, content development, sales support, analyst, PR, and marketing programs. We draw from our experience working in those fields ourselves, bringing a collective expertise and perspective to your program. After all, customer advocacy is our top priority—not just an add-on to our day jobs.

The Big Sky team is an essential part of our global program, bringing professionalism, a commitment to results, and a customer-centric approach to every activity. They are strategic, invest in our business, and partner with us to help ensure we meet our ambitious customer advocacy goals worldwide.

Lisa Hanna

Group Manager
Customer Reference Office

From program strategy and infrastructure development to customer engagement, content development, and sales reference support – Big Sky is integrated into the core of our Customer Advocacy Program and a big contributor to our success. It’s a true partnership that delivers real results!

Rob Karel

VP, Customer & Partner Marketing

We worked with the Big Sky team for several years and we were consistently impressed by their willingness to jump in and do what’s needed to get the job done. We could always count on them to provide us with excellent services. Our goals were their goals.

Teresa Streit

Former Senior Director
Global Customer Reference Program

Big Sky is vital to our program’s success. They are an integral part of our team.

Robb Eklund

Vice President