One size doesn’t fit all

January 1, 2023

If variety is the spice of life, then that’s true for your storytelling, too. Some stories are ready-made for video and animation while others benefit from more structured writing styles. Flexibility is key when thinking about how to tell stories to meet your goals and reach the most people.

Accelerating Digital Business: Building a Foundation for Innovation‍

Client: VMware

Work type: eBook‍

Details: VMware combines short-form content and images to highlight how 30 customers benefit from its solutions

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Adobe: Coles 

‍Client: Adobe‍

Work type: Video and animation*‍

Details: Australian supermarket and retail leader Coles delivers quality, seamless digital experiences to satisfy customers’ growing appetite for information

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Pure Storage: AutoNation

  • Client: Pure Storage
  • Work type: Video*
  • Details: Largest automotive retailer in U.S. invests in technology to elevate customer experiences

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Customer Voices - Innovation on Google Cloud

  • Client: Google Cloud
  • Work type: eBook
  • Details: Google Cloud showcases its customers’ successes across industries with additional insights from company leaders

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*Videos done in collaboration with video partners.

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